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hello! to celebrate reaching a huge follower goal (thank you!), i’ve decided to do a giveaway for my followers, and since i’m going to the harry potter studios in a couple of week’s time i thought that some harry potter-themed prizes from the gift shop would be a good idea!


must be following me

reblog as many times as you want, and you can like to keep track, but likes alone will not count

the deadline to enter is september 22nd, 11.59pm GMT

i’ll ship to to anywhere

there will be one winner, and two runners-up

winners will be selected using a number generator thing like random.org

you will win;

an ‘authentic’ harry potter scarf in the house of your choice

any harry potter wand available in the shop (literally any you want whether it’s harry’s, professor slughorn’s, or even the elder wand!)

the runner-ups will each receive a box of bertie bott’s every flavour beans

Good Luck! ^-^

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okay, storytime. At a group sleepover, there’s this girl, the most innocent thing you’ve ever met, k? She nods off on the couch early on in the night. As everyone’s getting ready to play cards, one of my friends lean back and hears her mumbling in her sleep.

My friend motions for everyone to be quiet. The girl snuggles her blanket, smiles, and in the sweetest voice, says, “Go on, Brandon. You can jump. It’s only 30 stories.”

my sister talks in her sleep and she used to mumble the strangest things. One time she asked “wheres the key for the lock?” and then another time she sat up and tried to grab the circles on her bed sheets mumbling about putting away plates

My one friend, Marla, slept over her friend, Malia’s, house one time. Malia fell asleep on the couch while they were in the den. Malia’s mom came in and said, “Malia, where is Marla suppose to sleep?” And Malia replied, while sleeping, in the most angry an confused tone, “in the house!” Then when back to sleep.

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